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Braces for $129/month

Savings of $1,500!

Our prices are significantly lower than most dental and orthodontic practices. Whether you choose braces or Invisalign®, get a smile you are sure to love. Most patients even start the same day as their free consult!

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Get a Smile You’ll Love for Less

Are you ready to transform your smile and achieve the confidence you’ve always desired? At Braces by Garcia, our treatment and pricing is the best value in town. We offer braces for only $129 per month and Invisalign® for $169 per month. 

Why Choose Braces by Garcia?

Free Consultations: We offer free consultations with no obligation. Come in and meet our friendly team, discuss your orthodontic goals, and learn about the treatment options available to you.

Exceptional Care: At Braces by Garcia, we are committed to providing exceptional care and creating a comfortable environment for our patients. Our friendly staff is always ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and guide you through every step of the treatment process.

Affordability: We believe that everyone should have access to quality orthodontic care. That’s why we offer the most competitive prices in town. Our monthly fee for braces is only $129 per month, and our full comprehensive orthodontic treatment is 40% less than most other practices.

Experience Affordable and Quality Orthodontic Care

Braces by Garcia is your trusted partner for achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. With our commitment to affordability, personalized treatment, and exceptional care, you can confidently embark on your orthodontic journey with us. With your smile and our passion, let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Which Option is Right for You?

Many patients (or their parents) have asked us which treatment option will be better for them. Still, for many cases, braces and aligners are both available options, which means you get to decide according to what you would prefer and what best suits your lifestyle. So, we are providing some information to help you consider your options

Metal Braces

Hours: 24/7
Treatment length
12 – 18 months1

Down payment: $129

Pricing: Just $129/month!

Clear Braces

Hours: 24/7
Treatment length

12 – 18 months1

Down payment: $129

Pricing: Just $144/month!


Hours: 20–22 hours
Treatment length

12 – 16 months1

Down payment: $400

Pricing: Just $169/month!

If you are interested in orthodontic care for yourself or your child, Board Certified Orthodontist Dr. Garcia and his Smile Dream Team offer a variety of treatments from clear braces to Invisalign®.

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Rated: (1261 Reviews)

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